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Classifieds Ads - eZine/Magazine Classifieds Ads - Web based

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post an ad?
Your can place your ad on web and/or eZine. Just fill up the forms
How much I have to pay to post an Ad?
Click on the following links to see the rates & comparison
When my Ad (web based) will get Activated?
Your classified ad will be available on mclassieds.com after validation and on receipt of payment (if paid option has been opted for).
What is the difference between Classified Ads - web based and Classified Ads eZine?
They are two different advertising media. Medical Classifieds web based can be browsed by anyone who accesses this website. Whereas Medical Classifieds eZine is very target specific and is sent to the subscribers.
Classified Ads published on the website, will they also be published in Medical Classifieds eZine.
No, as they are two different advertising media you'll have to fill the appropriate forms.
I am unable change the color/theme of this website.
Cookies and javascript have to be enabled to change the color/theme of this website.